Wetherby Bike Trails is a group of local volunteers dedicated to promoting and improving the fantastic off-road biking on our doorstep. We started in September 2016 and have big plans to:

  • Produce a Trail Map of the area
  • Waymark three official routes - The Red Kite, The Owl and The Starling
  • Improve the trails, without changing their character
  • Transform an overgrown area of Wetherby into a community resource with pump tracks, feature packed trails, den building areas and access for pedestrians.
  • Encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the trails (on wheels, feet and hooves).

We're part of SingletrAction, the experts who brought you trails at Dalby, Stainburn, Rawcliffe Bar, Sutton Bank and many more.

If you want to join the group, or would like to help with the project, we'd love to hear from you. 

If you want to support the project financially, you can donate via the button below. Funds go to SingletrAction but are ring-fenced for this project: PayPal have kindly agreed to take only 1.4% plus 20p per donation as we are not for profit. Anything welcome.


We've started to waymark the main trail - the markers have been placed as far as possible in places where there were already existing bridleway posts. If you object to the positioning of any particular marker - please get in touch at redkitetrails@gmail.com and we'll try to put it somewhere else.

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